Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Quick Update: Factions and Nearing 25,000 Website Views!

Hey guys!

Mario here with a quick update on the channel!

So, in case you didn't know, I have my own YouTube channel now, as well as the Obsidian Miners and my Call of Duty clan, EXaMPlE (links to mine, ObsidianMiners and EXaMPlE).

So anyways, I'll start off by saying the site is nearing 25000 VIEWS!!! I'm working on learning HTML code as it's not too difficult to learn, so there may be a MASSIVE site redesign at around 30-40k views.

Anyways, me, Olly and Joel were playing on a Factions server and we actually got set up pretty well (diamonds, iron, redstone, raided 5 bases etc.). So, there'll be a series on EXaMPlE pretty soon called Factions. I'll be posting the main LP on EXaMPlE, HOWEVER, I'll be posting all of our raids on my channel as well, and any bonus footage on my channel as well.

So guys, prepare for the EXaMPlE Clan and ObsidianMiners to combine to create the ultimate faction, and destroy any who oppose it...

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Xbox One vs PS4 - My Opinions, Which I'll Be Getting and What It Means for YouTube!

Hi guys!

Mario here with a quick discussion about the next-gen consoles!

So, I'll probably be getting a next-gen console for Christmas, and I will buy a capture card (once I confirm the one I want is designed for next-gen), but I just wanted to point out some of the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One and what influenced me on my views.

So, I'll start with the PS4. This console was designed mostly around gaming, but has Netflix and stuff like that built into it. The company (Sony) are also trying to take some of the games that are only on the PC and transfer them onto this new console, such as PlanetSide 2 (I've been wanting that game for ages, but my computer's too bad to run it :P). I also believe that the current specs we know of are more based to give an outstanding gaming experience. It will have all the console-wide games on it as well (COD Ghosts, BF4 and ACIV).

The Xbox One is a cable box in my opinion. It is mostly designed to bring you the best possible TV experience, that also comes with gaming. To me, the Xbox One has gaming as a secondary feature, and all this new 'live TV' stuff has overtaken what the whole point of a GAMING console is all about. They don't seem to have many good Xbox-only games either. There's the console-wide games, but they're always good. I'm talking about the games that will only be available to Xbox One customers.

In case you can't tell, I'm going with the PS4 as it will provide me more gaming shtuff! I know there's a 'Share' button, but I wonder if it comes built-in with livestreaming! If it does, I might be livestreaming from my console to YouTube and Twitch (probably Twitch as it's more viewer-interactive). I'll also check if the console has YouTube uploading built-in. I won't use it, don't worry, I'm joking! I'll be getting a capture card (once I know it works with the PS4) and using that instead.

Anyways, what this means is more content! In the first 1-3 months of PS4's release, I'll be doing Ghosts and Battlefield 4 gameplay, as well as the usual Minecraft videos :D

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Final Summary of Our Content on MonsterCharity 2013!

Hi guys!

Mario here with my final post on this event!

So, I'm going to explain all that'll be happening today and tomorrow. In case you haven't already seen, MonsterCharity 2013 is an event to raise $10,000 for Child's Play Charity. To do this, they have set up a custom Minecraft launcher which you will download, log in to and connect to a server. You will be able to download the launcher HERE! On this server, we will have music set up by Monstercat with several different producers, such as Going Quantum, 7 Minutes Dead, Hellberg, Teqq and more!

So, what will be happening this weekend? There'll be TONS of content going out onto the channel, that's what!

The event begins at 11am EDT (or 3pm GMT), which gives me about 7-9 hours of recording time, which is a lot! All of the content will be coming out in seperate, shortened videos, not all in one big 6-hour long video. Before the event begins, Island of Shadows Part 2 will be uploaded (18 mins long). This will most likely be the longest video this weekend. Then, we'll get into the event and content from that.

In case you don't know, they've already posted a line-up for the event. Here's all the performers and their times of performing:

DAY 1 (Saturday 13 July)

11am EDT (3pm GMT) - Going Quantum
12:30pm EDT (4:30pm GMT) - Protostar
2:00pm EDT (6pm GMT) - 7 Minutes Dead
3:30pm EDT (7:30pm GMT) - Eminence
5:00pm EDT (9:00pm GMT) - Stephen Walking
6:30pm EDT (10:30pm GMT) - Muzzy

DAY 2 (Sunday 14 July)

11am EDT (3pm GMT) - Teqq
12:30pm EDT (4:30pm GMT) - Rogue
2:00pm EDT (6:00pm GMT) - Hellberg
3:30pm EDT (7:30pm GMT) - Direct
5:00pm EDT (9:00pm GMT) - Mr Fijiwiji
6:30pm EDT (10:30pm GMT) - Stephen Walking

We should have coverage of all of the producers apart from the last producer on Day 2 (Stephen Walking), as we'll have already covered him once. And again, here's the channels and the stuff we'll be covering:

Day 1 of the Music
Any YouTubers I See On Day 1 (TeamCrafted, T.O.GoesIn etc.)
Bloopers from Day 1
An Overview of Day 1
The Stage/Venue for The Event

Day 2 of the Music
Any YouTubers I See On Day 2
Bloopers from Day 2
An Overview of Day 2

As far as I'm aware, me, Crazy and Kalo will be there, and we might all be able to do some of the coverage, but I will record a lot just in case.

Also, anyone that reads this, PLEASE donate, just this once!! Child's Play are a great charity and all the money goes towards children that need help. I'll be donating as much as I can, which is $25, maybe a little more. I ask you to donate EVEN JUST $2!! It all helps in the end. They've already reached $6,000, and the event hasn't even started which is insane! Remember, any amount will help.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Event #1 Coverage - MonsterCharity 2013 On ObsidianMiners and Mariobros980!

Hi guys!

Mario here with an update on my first event coverage!

So, I'm making a new series called 'Minecraft Special Events', in which, when there is an event that is pretty awesome/big (Spleef World Cup, this one etc.), I'll be doing tons of coverage on it on both the ObsidianMiners and Mariobros980 channels.

This time it's the MonsterCharity 2013 event. This is an event to raise $10,000 for Child's Play Charity, and is also a music festival. Monstercat will be providing most of the music, with Atebits working on the effects and the show, TeamCrafted (SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox etc.) will be there to entertain and Minecade hosting the server! If you enjoy the festival, don't forget to donate, as all funds go to charity (click here to donate). Donating a minimum of $25 total will get you a VIP perk which allows you to fly on a pretty sick hoverboard. There's a custom client, thus the hoverboard, you see.

So, what will we be covering? Well, I'll be covering some stuff on my channel, and I'll put some stuff on ObsidianMiners as well. These are listed below:

The $25 Donator VIP Perks
A Bit of Musics (if there's no copyright)
YouTubers At The Event
MonsterCharity Custom Client Additions

Some Fun Stuff That Happens (I hear there'll be stuff like minigames etc.)
Skits From the Event/Bloopers
At the End, an Overview on What Happened

So, stay tuned this weekend (13 and 14 July), as there's gonna be a lot of content to check out!

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Survival Island Part 1 is Up, More ObsidianMiners Videos Coming Soon and More!

Hi guys!

Mario here with a quick update!

So, I released Part 1 of the Survival Island, which you can watch below. However, I won't be posting any more Survival Island videos to the channel, so you'll have to click here to watch any new videos I put in the series!


Also, there'll be more videos coming to the ObsidianMiners channel real soon! The first video will be a quick update on what's been going on with some QuickSand gameplay from the Super Gaming servers. Then I'll be posting regular content to both channels! :D

My redstone tutorials will be uploaded to both channels, as well as a few other series. My Survival Island and BuxVille Survival will be on my channel, and mini-games such as Hunger Games and MCInfected will be on ObsidianMiners (that's how it'll probably work).

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Monday, 24 June 2013

First Commentary - Survival Island Series!

Hi guys!

Mario here with a new series update!

So, tomorrow is the beginning of Survival Island. This will be a series in which I attempt to do a lot of the more advanced Minecraft than for what I start with. There's a swamp right near the island, but I won't go over to it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Obsidian Miner

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hi guys!

Mario here with what may be my final YouTube update!

So, I'm gonna start posting commentaries pretty soon, and I just wanted to make a rundown of everything that will be on the channel.

I will be trying to post daily videos, and there will always be a video on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (unless of computer failures, capture failures etc.). There are 2 NEW SERIES every week and a bunch more that will be scattered around the other days.

Wonder Wednesday will consist of me playing on a highly-populated Minecraft server, such as Hypixel, MCPvP etc. In the comments, you guys can leave suggestions for challenges and stuff I can do on the servers, which should make a pretty awesome Wednesday!

Super Friday Brothers has me playing Super Craft Brothers every Friday! You guys can set me challenges, kits and anything else to use in the comments on that series!

RedSTONE is the series where I teach you how to use redstone to create different contraptions. It will start with the basic items and what they do, eventually moving on to doing timers, decision-making for adventure maps and much, much, MUCH more!

PvP Kits   NEW!
An episode of this will go out whenever I finish what I need to finish. These will show off a TON of kits you can use in your PvP maps. In the comments, you guys can leave suggestions for kits I should make, and I will make it in one of my future videos (this will also depend on the frequency of comments). All of the kits in Season 1 will go into my new PvP map that I'm still planning.

Server Xperience   REVAMPED!
Server Xperience is back! This is where I play on an awesome server that's pretty new and needs some attention to get out there! With it being Revamped, you guys can leave suggestions for servers (NOT SURVIVAL EVER, there's only one server I play on that is survival) that I should go on.

Modern Craftfare Updates   NEW!
In this series I update you on the Modern Craftfare map that I am working on. There are currently 2 gamemodes: Multiplayer TDM and Zombies, but I'm planning on making a third gamemode. This will show you all the behind-the-scenes redstone that I use, a lot of Command Block information and a bunch of other stuff.

Making Minecraft Mods   COMING SOON
This series will show you how to make your very own Minecraft mods for the latest versions of Minecraft (not snapshots). It will show you how to update your mods to newer versions, as well as how to add blocks, items, weapons, tools, armor, effects and more!

Mod Updates   COMING SOON
This series shows updates on all the mods that I'm making at the moment. These currently feature:

Armor God Mod
RPG Mod (doesn't have a proper name yet, but it's coming, and it should be cool)

I have a seperate website for mod making and map making, so you can go check that out here. I will be updating you on what is coming with mods there :D

So, that's a lot of series: what do you guys think?

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