Saturday, 2 June 2012

Minecraft Hunger Games Tips!

Hi minecraftians!

Mario here with some tips to help you survive in the Survival Games map, and if you use' servers, a few tips on what order you should do stuff in.

When In Combat

Tip #1: Do NOT Underestimate a Wood Sword!
If you watch AntVenom, you'll know about this one. If the opposing player does not have armor on, a Wood Sword deals 2 hearts of damage. However, a Stone Sword only deal half a heart more, so a Stone Sword is only half a heart better than a Wood Sword. Do NOT think it will be easy if the opponent has a Wood Sword and you have Stone!

Tip #2: Jump to a Side Sometimes!
If you can try and jump around a player, feel free to do so. As soon as you hit a player doing this, it knocks their view off target, making you harder to hit, and you can almost get a guaranteed kill with this method.

Tip #3: Crouching!
If you don't have anything, you can always run away and crouch behind some blocks. You are not visible crouching behind blocks from a certain distance away, so make sure to do this if you don't want to be seen as well!

Tip #4: If All Else Fails, Just Spam-Click!
Yes, if you are completely stuck, just spam-click and hope for the best!

When Scouting

Tip #1: Always Be Alert!
Someone may sneak up on you if you're collecting resources or walking to a better place. ALWAYS hold your Sword if you aren't doing anything (i.e. walking). That way, if someone does surprise attack you, you're ready for them.

Tip #2: Look for Chests/Furnaces!
Chests and furnaces can contain items! Do not just open a crafting bench looking for items, as there aren't any in a workbench! However, if you see a furnace, there may be cooked food or goodies inside, as well as chests.

Tip #3: If You Have Any Armor, WEAR IT!!!
If you have any armor, put it on INSTANTLY! Do not leave it off, PUT IT ON! That way, if a player attacks you, you won't take as much damage, and you'll still be aware someone is attacking you.

Tip #4: Look for Mushrooms, Wild Grass and Leaves!
Collect as many mushrooms, seeds and apples as you can! You then don't have to worry about food! I once collected so many mushrooms I had 10 bowls of Mushroom Stew, so I didn't need to worry about collecting seeds etc.

Tip #5: Once You're Set Up, Go Mining!
Yes, the whole point of Minecraft is to mine and craft. SO DO BOTH OF THESE THINGS!!! Look for iron as you can make weapons and armor out of them! On the MinecraftPvP servers, diamonds are not mineable, so don't dig close to lava looking for diamonds (however, you can get diamonds from NPC Villages/mineshafts).

Tip #6: If All Else Fails, Kill!
Killing other players will also loot their items! This will give you so many more items, more than you can count doing with! Don't forget to throw any unwanted items into a hole, cover the hole, and then they will eventually despawn or get picked up by another player.

MinecraftPvP Tips

I recommend collecting 6-12 pieces of wood. You won't need to many logs if you are Barbarian as Barbarians spawn with a Stone Sword. You will need some for tools, however. Then, collect around 5-20 cobblestone to make better tools. Then use Tip #5 for 'When Scouting'. On the way, use every tip I have already given you. You shall thrive if you are lucky!

Armor/Weapon Ranking (with no armor)

Wood Sword - 2 hearts
Gold Sword - 2 hearts
Stone Sword - 2.5 hearts
Iron Sword - 3 hearts
Diamond Sword - 3.5 hearts
Fist - 0.5 hearts

Bow - LOW: 1 heart MEDIUM: 3 hearts FULLY DRAWN BACK: 6 hearts (may vary on range)

Full Leather Armor - 3.5 armor points
Full Gold Armor - 5.5 armor points
Full Chain Armor - 6 armor points
Full Iron Armor - 7.5 armor points
Full Diamond Armor - 10 armor points

Obsidian Miner


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  2. Awesome tips! Thanks! One question, how do you grab things out of the chests quickly? I can't seem to figure it out!

    1. To get items out of chests quickly:
      a) Try to get to the chest faster than anyone else
      b) Hold shift and then left click the item you want and it will go straight into your inventory
      c) If you know the map you're playing on, try to remember as many chest locations as possible!

      Hope this helped :)

  3. Nice blog here! Keep in mind that when you're cornered and under attack, spam clicking is indeed the thing to do, but jumping while attacking can give critical strikes, which do more damage.

  4. ty but do u think u can give me some ideas for making a hunger games